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Inspired Guidance from 15+ Radically Authentic Women

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April 9-13

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Watch from home and hear stories and practices from 15+ change-making women who inspire and guide us to live authentically and love who we are


LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

Lakota Historian, Activist

Seane Corn

Co-founder of Off the Mat and Into the World, Activist

Valarie Kaur

Founder of the Revolutionary Love Project

Rev. angel Kyodo Williams

Zen Sensei, Author, Social Change-Maker

Christine Carter

Sociologist, Sr. Fellow at Greater Good Science Center

Jamia Wilson

Executive Director and Publisher of The Feminist Press

Paula Stone Williams

Pastor, gender equity and LGBTQ advocate

Chantal Pierrat

Founder of Emerging Women

Susan Piver

Bestselling author, Founder of Open Heart Project

Jenna Hollenstein

Author, intuitive eating non-diet dietitian

Leslie Booker

Co-founder of the Yoga Service Council

Claudia Chan

Leadership Expert, Founder of S.H.E Globl

Suzanne Sterling

Musician, Founder of Voice of Change

Crystal McCreary

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher for Youth

Linda Kay Klein

Author, Founder of Break Free Together

Julie Daley

Leadership coach, catalyst, educator, writer

Susie Rinehart

Co-director of Brave Over Perfect Project

Janet Solyntjes

Meditation Teacher, Director of Center for Courageous Living

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DAY 1: Identity

Know Who You Are

DAY 2: Voice

Speak Up, Act Out

DAY 3: Presence

Be In Your Body

DAY 4: Purpose

Spark Creativity and Joy

DAY 5: Community

Come Together, Make Change


5 Day Embodiment Challenge with Susan Piver

Celebrate. Amplify. Inspire.

This event is about bringing together a community of women and celebrating women’s stories and experiences. We’ll be discussing themes of living with authenticity and presence, speaking up to injustice, and appreciating the many expressions of what it means to be a woman. From women in business, spirituality, mindfulness, and activism, you will learn about authentic expression, leadership, and sparking creativity.

It is our mission that through the stories of these change makers, trouble-makers, mothers, and protectors, you find insights for embracing your own unique wisdom and discover the tools for amplifying your voice to inspire others. Because alive in each of us is a distinct story to tell and an innate wisdom that is always ours–we just have to remember it.

We look forward to you joining us!

Get 2 FREE Videos from the Wise Woman Summit