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Troy McRoberts


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Roberto Couch

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I'm inspired by...

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Helen Bonnett


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Dominic Houtman

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Travis Gabb

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Marlys Ten

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Olive Edye


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Angie Wragge


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Lila Isles


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Booker Luker


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I'm inspired by...

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Kelsey Spielvogel

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I'm inspired by...

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Jay Murtagh

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Ashli Slattery


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Florida Rosa


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Carmel Siler


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Teresita Tull

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Rosa Perl

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I'm inspired by...


Frank Loch

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Claudio Humes

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Margaret Swinford


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Wm Urner

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I'm inspired by...

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Etta Munger

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I'm inspired by...

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Milagros Binkley

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I'm inspired by...

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Helene Guffey

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I'm inspired by...

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Shane Keenan

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I'm inspired by...

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Shiela Sandberg

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I'm inspired by...

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Ivory Beatham

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I'm inspired by...

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I'm inspired by...

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I'm inspired by...

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Kristy Magee


I'm inspired by...

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Fleta Dawson


I'm inspired by...

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Gretchen Beardsmore

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I'm inspired by...

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Elizabeth Towle

spiritual, outdoor-loving, authentic

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by spirit, higher consciousnes, female strength and leadership inside and out, women speaking and showing their truth to power.

Carol Pranschke

kind, sensitive, beautiful

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by stories and deep conversation.

Tracy Elizabeth H

Courageous, Passionate, Wildly-creative

I'm inspired by...

People who live out loud and true to their values.


Ready to receive

I'm inspired by...

Authentic people who share their lives with others.


Brave, attentive, kind

I'm inspired by...

Other peoples journey. We all can help each other if we stop competing with each other. No judgement because we are all in a different season of life. Lock arms and give support because there is real power behind that.

Kit Langdon

Caring , open and creative

I'm inspired by...

I am inspired by music and it’s capacity to heal and calm and connect us with the deep spirituality of the Earth. Music can touch on so many levels and in so many ways that it is a powerful source of love. Singing opens us up to possibility and wisdom.Kit

Heather Tuba

Curious Intense Fun

I'm inspired by...

Deep thinkers and books, compelling stories, anyone who serves marginalized people and groups, changemakers.


optimistic, open, vulnerable

I'm inspired by...

Hope for positive change, relationship building, meeting people who really care.


kind, strong, fun

I'm inspired by...

women that act to make the world a kinder and smarter place in which to dwell


Curious, loving, strong

I'm inspired by...

Liiving from the Heart ....


becoming kinder everyday

I'm inspired by...

Yoga, Dharma, great meditation teachers... oh and art...


loving, growing, changing

I'm inspired by...

Models of Mindfulness & Compassion in the World


Principaled, service, namaste

I'm inspired by...

Nature, children, kindness & sunshine.


Strong, powerful, sensual

I'm inspired by...

I am inspired by life, love, joy, movement, travel, song and chant!


Strong, generous, loving

I'm inspired by...

Life, yoga, meditation and wise women inspire me.


Athletic, Strong, Nurturing

I'm inspired by...

I am inspired by life and liberty.


Authentic, resilient, loving

I'm inspired by...

Inspired by the humility in others who wish to honour and care for the planet we inhabit and for our fellow human beings.


Loving, grateful, kind

I'm inspired by...

Love Inspires me. thank you

ElizabethI’m inspired by grandchildren

Fun loving, creative and curious

I'm inspired by...

I’m inspired by grandchildren, Color, birds and my garden. But mostly, by the resiliency and courage of everyday Women.


Resilient, introspective, compassionate

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by the Divine, Nature, mysteries, love, insight, and the beauty within each and every thing on this amazing planet.

Maria S


I'm inspired by...

Every day opportunities, nature, kindness, generosity, unexpected moments, there is always something to learn, hope, silence and contemplation , family, friends, but must of all people hearts and LOVE


nurturing, cheerful, passionate

I'm inspired by...

Honesty and everyday courage


Creative, strong, caring

I'm inspired by...

Nature, art and love

Hi everyone! I’m Lynda

Curious, passionate, nurturing

I'm inspired by...

I’m inspired by the creator of this beautiful world; and I am inspired by new beginnings and possibilities. I love the lessons I learn,.and I am open to learn more?


Introverted, resilient, fortunate

I'm inspired by...

Examples of quiet courage, a good poem, a letter written and a letter received, animal companions, the chance to paint, sisters, Jen (AOC Checklist), the raucous colors and sounds of a not-too-carefully tended garden.


Creative. Determined. Resilient.

I'm inspired by...



Flexible . Curious . Appreciative of beauty

I'm inspired by...

Awareness. Inspiring my students.

Maria Carolina Vecchio

Sensitive,, curiouse ,, loyal to my heart

I'm inspired by...

Nature, starry sky, women and their wisdom, friendships, diferent cultures, books, art...

Joy Johnston

creative, fair, resilient

I'm inspired by...

Women using their natural talents, creativity, and compassion to help others.

Diana O

elder, vibrant, caring

I'm inspired by...

Nature, generosity, basic Goodness of Human Spirit, community


Adaptable, open, smiling

I'm inspired by...

Nature. My family. Finding peace and truth.

Annemarie Hendrikz

introverted, capable, kind

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by the necessity to stay alive even with a broken heart; by my companion animals; by acts of kindness; by nature


Kind, compassionate and affectionate

I'm inspired by...



Caring, resourceful, inquisitive

I'm inspired by...

I’m inspired by the natural word and those seeking to defend it

Dawn Deguire

Empathic, perceptive, truth seeker

I'm inspired by...

Those bold enough to express the truth at all costs.

Laura Morala Forte

Dynamic, creative, multitalented

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by the search, construction and blossoming of inner peace as the basic pillar on which to base my own existence

Dez Stephens

Positive, generous, hopeful

I'm inspired by...

I am inspired by serving others but no necessarily giving all of my energy away. I am generous to others and really try to do the same for myself. I am inspired by nature in every form. I am inspired by organic spontaneous transmutation - personal growth for all. I am inspired by the life I am destined to live.


Courageous, funny, accepting

I'm inspired by...

People who speak their truth no matter what, especially when it’s messy and hard. And laughter!

Mariana Guzmán

Auténtica, amorosa y apasionada.

I'm inspired by...

Mi divinidad presente en todo y en todos, quienes amo y el poder ayudar a sanar. Mis imperfecciones son también mi inspiración.

Heidi Harmon

Courageous, Fierce, Loving

I'm inspired by...

I am inspired by a world full of women and girls rising up into their power at this most crucial time in history.


Adaptive, compassionate, down-to-earth

I'm inspired by...

Nature, friendship, resilience in others, animals

Zorriah Lowan

Mindful. Authentic. Outspoken.

I'm inspired by...

Strong women that prevail after abuse and reach joy.

Maria Perser

resilient, empathic, curious

I'm inspired by...

my family and friends, and long walks in nature

Deborah Pitre-Ermter

Introvert, Optimist, Thinker

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by - People who practice/model active, intentional listening - Curiosity welcomed and questions explored in community - 'Rebellious Acts' such as: Commitment to Hope, Empathy and Sharing


Peaceful, strong, and wise

I'm inspired by...

Silencie, meditación, Nature, family and children inspires me.


Resilient, compassionate, kind

I'm inspired by...

Breathtaking moments, Newborn life, and miraculous stories of recovery.

Reggie Johnson

encouraging, inclusive, learner

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by my family ... both biological and those who have become my family by choice.


caring, compassionate and loving

I'm inspired by...

I¨m inspired by nature.

Ruth Taylor

Explorer, Designer, Contemplative

I'm inspired by...

WV mountain vistas with gray lichen rock cliffs, standing desks near tiny quotes on whiteboards, giggles, and waffles brunches.

Sharon Roberts Meyer

Courageous, Adventurous, Patient

I'm inspired by...

Individuals who live with integrity, speak through experience , wisdom and courage. Doing what makes the world a more peaceful and understanding place. I love people of different ages, cultures, colors and backgrounds. Learning from those who have had different and sometimes difficult experiences makes my life and those around me "rich" . I'm 71 and still learning that life can be very difficult and challenging while beautiful and "colorful" if we embrace our experiences and see what can be learned from each "trial" . Leaving for the next generations what we have learned so each generation can move forward and perhaps not have to "relearn" but progress and enrich their lives and those around them with new and greater accomplishments.


Sensitive, loving, strong

I'm inspired by...

Love, nature, music, animals, reading, writing, creativity, being in touch with people and help them finding themselves, enjoying my career as a psychologist.


Curios, playful, learner

I'm inspired by...

The genius of children and the deep Pacific Ocean dancing from shore to shore across the planet. I am inspired by the wisdom stories of my elders .

Beth Lauren

Resilient, kind, survivor

I'm inspired by...

My nephew, tackling fears, running, Pema Chodron, AOC, getting to be a better writer, trees, fresh air.

Rona Frye

A Free Spirit

I'm inspired by...

Wise women inspire me. Women who are living large and know that there is no end to opportunities to learn, grow and go after what lights their fire.


Devoted humble servant of the Divine

I'm inspired by...

Self and global transformation.

Andrea Bazoin

Introspective. Compassionate. Alchemist.

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by the global tide of female empowerment that is rising with every passing day.


ancient, devoted, hungry

I'm inspired by...

Being grounded in the tentative geophysical nature of planetary forces below me while sensing space around and above me, in a span of unfathomable vast time.

Steph St Amand

Radical, Joyful, Free

I'm inspired by...

I'm Inspired by the winds blessings, the suns kisses, and the freedom of radical self-acceptance and joyful living.


loving, advocate, strong

I'm inspired by...

unconditional love, family, generosity, spontaneity, resilience, courage, animals


curious / creative / strong

I'm inspired by...

the earth, wildness, dancing, radical change, honest human beings, sunflowers, dandelions, daisies, wild roses, the moon


Authentic, caring, strong

I'm inspired by...

Connection with the Divine!


Capable, strong, sensible

I'm inspired by...



intuitive and outspoken

I'm inspired by...

honesty and passion


Love Joy Curiosity

I'm inspired by...

Authenticity and joy. I love seeing authentic open and loving reactions to life. We can all open to that kind of experience and discover joy.


Interested, capable, available

I'm inspired by...

Deconstruction of concepts, allows for the falling away of selfing, has us finding every1 lovable is the resulting, as - into the heart - of the practice of listening ... Amituofo

Danqing Dai

Resilient, introspective, wild

I'm inspired by...

Human connections with a deep deep sense of trust, vulnerability and openness. Nature. Creation from the heart - be it words, music, art or body movements. Wise, brave and independent women!

Mona Mostow

Upholder, Driven, Bibliophile

I'm inspired by...

Nature, Community, Music

Shadow K

infinite, singular, here

I'm inspired by...

The sumptuous possibilities of each moment; the various and delicious ways we can choose to string those moments together in play, in search, in celebration of our unique self-expressions; and the wonders of serendipity or synchronicity or solidarity — any of those magnificently momentous cosmic collisions that blend our collective expressions of humanity, creativity, and love.


Advocate, Compassionate, Courageous

I'm inspired by...

Connection on all levels. Connecting with knowledge, connecting with people, being in connection with the Universe to learn, evolve, and share love, hope, joy, and compassion!


oyster, mushroom, selkie

I'm inspired by...

I'm inspired by middle grade graphic novels, alternate reality games, tiny versions of larger things, mail, snails, noodles, water bears, airplane window seats, Marie Kondo, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Greta Gerwig, the Moomins, the Hoh Rainforest

Kaleigh Isaacs

Compassionate, Playful, Brave

I'm inspired by...

Those who are willing to show up, stay open, and be truly vulnerable, caring, or fierce in the service of others.

Jessie Thomas

curious, adventurous, passionate

I'm inspired by...

I am inspired by people–how they think, feel, and move through the world; how the body works, how people can come together and the possibilities that are created by living in communities and society altogether. I think understanding the mind and how minds connect and work with each other is the thing that drives me the most in life. I am also deeply inspired by nature and all its wonders and curiosities.

Hannah Carlton

grounded, optimistic, driven

I'm inspired by...

Passion inspires me. Being around people who are passionate about something is contagious. I'm also inspired by live music.

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