Event Schedule

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*Each day, all video session will go live at 5pm PT | 6pm MT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET, and will remain available for free streaming for 48 hours. Each talk is between 30-45 minutes.

Day 1: Identity

Tuesday, April 9th

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

Stand Up For Truth and Justice

  • Hear about how children's appreciation and care of water turned into a powerful movement to stand up for environmental justice

  • Realize the power in knowing who you are, and how that can make change in the world

  • Know that you already have the ability to make a difference in the world, and understand the strength in women standing together

Susan Piver

Receive Inner Wisdom Through Mindfulness

  • Learn the difference between knowledge and wisdom, and how to trust what you know is true

  • Explore the relationship between creativity, expression, and mindfulness and how they help you to discover who you are

  • Understand the importance of kindness towards yourself on the path of self-inquiry

Paula Stone Williams

Be True To Who You Are

  • Hear Paula’s insights into what being a woman means to her after coming out as a transgender woman and stepping into authenticity

  • Discover some of the inequities that women are still up against and what we can do about them

  • Learn how your living authentically can change a society

Day 2: Voice

Wednesday, April 10th

Valarie Kaur

Start a Revolution of Love

  • Hear a new definition of love as something strong, resilient, and muscular, and recognize the huge impacts of leading with Revolutionary Love on the world

  • Learn practices you can do today to cultivate more love for yourself, others, and your opponents

  • Discover how you can take action now and become part of a revolution of love

Suzanne Sterling

Be the Voice of Change

  • Explore sound and the voice as powerful and necessary tools for personal healing and cultural transformation

  • Learn practical tips to help you stay in tune with your voice in the face of discomfort, and follow along in a practice to embody your voice and feel into its physical presence

  • Hear about Suzanne's approach to co-creative and collaborative leadership, and about the vital step of looking inward to make a difference outwardly

Susie Rinehart

Choose Joy Over Fear and Brave Over Perfect

  • Begin to recognize and appreciate your true worth and value in this world

  • Learn how to drop the script and expectation of what you “should” say and start expressing yourself authentically

  • Explore what it looks like to show up bravely in your own life and start living fully

Day 3: Presence

Thursday, April 11th

Jenna Hollenstein

Eat To Love: Give Yourself Generosity

  • Think about how we often withhold generosity from ourselves, and explore how that relates to how we eat and how we feel about our bodies

  • Follow along in two practices to be generous to ourselves by noticing our bodies and allowing them to take the resources they need

  • Recognize all of the things in the world that are trying to distract you from being your authentic self, and know the importance of remembering who you are

Leslie Booker

Embody Resilience

  • Re-frame self-care as self preservation, and explore movement as a way of finding your truth

  • Hear advice for staying in our bodies during times of strong emotions when it might be easier to become numb

  • Follow along in a movement practice to check-in with your body and practice "embodying bodiful presence"

Janet Solyntjes

Show Up, Be Present

  • Understand your own innate wisdom and how to access it by being present with yourself in each moment

  • Hear a heartfelt conversation between Janet Solyntjes and the producers of the Wise Woman Summit as they discuss what it means to be truly present with others

  • Explore what interpersonal presence is and what it can look like

Day 4: Purpose

Friday, April 12th

Christine Carter

Find Your Sweet Spot

  • Discover "the sweet spot", and how living in it can help you access your effortless power

  • Hear tips for being in and working in your integrity and saying yes to what actually fuels your purpose

  • Learn the simple formula for making lasting habits that serve you

Julie Daley

Unleash Creativity Through Feminine Leadership and the Erotic

  • Hear how women are uniquely suited to create, and start to tap into your creativity by touching into the body

  • Discover the feminine approach to being a leader, and learn the steps to take back leadership of your own life right now

  • Explore the erotic as a "push out of your existence," something deeper than sex or desire, and how we can embody it and use it to be in tune with the world

Linda Kay Klein

Break Free Together and Discover Your Purpose

  • Be inspired by Linda's beautiful and painful journey through finding, losing, and rediscovering her purpose, and hear why purpose is a "double-edged sword"

  • Learn about the Purity Movement and how it has affected generations of women, and explore ways to begin healing yourself from internalized shame

  • Understand the importance of creating protected and brave spaces for those around you to be vulnerable and honest as you grow and heal together

Claudia Chan

Live a Purpose Driven Life

  • Explore a fuller definition of inclusive leadership, and hear advice for how you can live your purpose to the fullest

  • Learn what "whole life leadership" is, and understand that you can have positive impact no matter what your life path looks life

  • Understand how important a mindfulness practice is to help re-connect us to what matters and allowing us to let go of what doesn't

Day 5: Community

Saturday, April 13th

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

Transform Society with Love and Justice

  • Learn what Transformative Social Change is and how it can be used to create open and inclusive movements that benefit all

  • Understand the importance of deep listening in having transformative communication, and explore a practice to be more present in every interaction

  • Recognize justice as a vital component of love, and understand the necessity of making inward change to be able to make collective change

Chantal Pierrat

Uplift, Empower, Emerge

  • Understand how to apply inner wisdom and authenticity into action and leadership in the world

  • Learn about the age of “I” and ego, the shift we need towards “we” and interdependence, and how to skillfully make the shift

  • Explore what’s possible when small and large communities of women and men come together to support and uplift other women to excel

Jamia Wilson

Shift the Culture with Fierce Authenticity

  • Discover tangible ways that you can start to create a culture of care in your life and community

  • Hear Jamia's tips on how to be fiercely authentic as a woman, regardless of the world's expectation

  • Recognize each of our stories as living history, and understand the power of sharing our experiences with those around us

Seane Corn

Create Change from the Inside Out

  • Hear how we can start to process our own and our collective trauma from the inside out

  • Dive into the personal and cultural roles in the healing process

  • Understand the importance of self-awareness as a leader, and recognize the internalized biases that you bring into each situation you walk into

Crystal McCreary

Make Space for Healing and Wellness

  • Understand the importance of using and moving your body while processing stress and the importance of having community that supports you in that

  • Recognize that you can create supportive space for people around you by simply allowing them to share their experiences and stories

  • Think about what's possible when we're able to release the things in our minds and bodies we hold but aren't serving us


5-Day 3-Minute Embodiment Challenge with Susan Piver