Claudia Chan

Live a Purpose Driven Life

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What You'll Learn

  • Explore a fuller definition of inclusive leadership, and hear advice for how you can live your purpose to the fullest

  • Learn what "whole life leadership" is, and understand that you can have positive impact no matter what your life path looks life

  • Understand how important a mindfulness practice is to help re-connect us to what matters and allowing us to let go of what doesn't

About Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan is a recognized author, leadership and culture change expert, and entrepreneur dedicated to activating individuals and organizations to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and world. She is the CEO of S.H.E. GLOBL, and their award-winning leadership conference S.H.E. Summit that has made advancing women and workplace inclusion both accessible and actionable. Claudia is also the author of the leadership book THIS IS HOW WE RISE: Reach Your Highest Potential, Empower Women, Lead Change in the World. Claudia was also recently named 1 of 8 UN Women Champions for Innovation. She has been referred to as “the change-agent maker” and Fast Company has called her the “Richard Branson of women’s empowerment.” Claudia is a lifelong New Yorker, proud alumnae of Smith College, mom of two and an equal partner with her husband, John.

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  1. Lori Mills April 15, 2019 at 12:19 am - Reply

    Wow? I applaud Claudia for her recognition of the internal barriers holding women back from stepping into our power as leaders. I appreciate her commitment for the SHE Summit speakers to address this issue. These subtle forces can be difficult to admit, articulate, or justify to others. So, the fact that God showed Claudia how it feels to experience mental health issues has given her insight into what other potential women leaders face as we rise to our own individual callings.

  2. Joan April 13, 2019 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Energizing and fiery. Good reminder of how ‘that which is bright shines twice’.

  3. Vera April 13, 2019 at 4:37 am - Reply

    Thank you so much for this interview! Really inspired by Claudia! I am going to check out her book and new leadership course! With much gratitude!

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